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DatesTitleLecturer CPD hrs  
26 Jan 2019 Tissue repair: implications to manual therapists
(Last course ever before Prof Watson's retirement!)

Prof. Tim Watson 7  
26 Jan 2019 The spinal care revolution: a process approach  ONLY FEW PLACES LEFT Dr. Eyal Lederman 14  
16-17 Feb 2019 Hartman's master class in manipulative techniques: upper body
Prof. Laurie Hartman 14  
16 Feb 2019 Nutrition in practice: Low tech nutritional assessment of patients & Crash course in evidence based nutritional supplementation Prof Adam Cunliffe 7  
22-23-24 Feb 2019
(Start Friday 17:00 h)
Functional Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Dr. Eyal Lederman 18  
6-7 April 2019 A process approach in manual and physical therapies Dr. Eyal Lederman 14  
18 May 2019 Nutrition and human performance: Ergogenic aids that actually work & Nutrition and recovery from musculoskeletal injury: Nutritional approaches to inflammation from systemic to local. Prof. Adam Cunliffe 7  
18 May 2019 Exercise prescription: a process approach Dr. Eyal Lederman 7  
30-31 May &
1 June 2019
Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques Jing-CPDO collaboration
15 June 2019 Managing the acute and chronic shoulder: a process approach Dr. Eyal Lederman 7  
28-29 Sept 2019 Management of headaches: evidence-based manual therapy approach Dr. César Fernández-de-las-Peñas 15  
5 Oct 2019 From Paleo to Vegan - how to make sense of special diets and their impact on human health and wellbeing & Holding back the years. Diet and exercise strategies to increase health-span Prof. Adam Cunliffe 7  
5-6 Oct 2019 Hartman's master class in manipulative techniques: lower body Prof. Laurie Hartman 14  
26-27 Oct 2019 Functional stretching Dr. Eyal Lederman 14  
9 Nov 2019 How to use placebos to help patients: an evidence-based approach Dr. Jeremy Howick 7  
9-10 Nov 2019 Hartman's master class in manipulative techniques: upper body Prof. Laurie Hartman 14  
22-23-24 Nov 2019
(Start Friday 17:00 h)
Harmonic Technique Dr. Eyal Lederman 18  
23 Nov 2019 Brain foods - Food and Mood & Human biome in health and disease Prof. Adam Cunliffe 7  
4-5-6 Dec 2019 Viscero-osteo articular connections: cervical spine in focus  NEW COURSE
Jean-Pierre Barral 18  
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Lederman's Osteopathic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
28-30 Sept 2018, Cote d'Azure, France

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A Process model in Manual and Physical Therapies
Article by Dr. Eyal Lederman

The Myth of Core Stability
Interview with Dr. Eyal Lederman
New title by Dr. Lederman

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Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
by Dr. Lederman:
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The myth of core stability
article by Dr. Eyal Lederman
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