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  CPDA Ltd.  General terms and conditions
  • 1. You must have a Level 3 or above qualification in massage or sports therapy
  • 2. All students must be prepared to give and receive needling. Learning safe needling practice and undergoing the experience of being needled are integral parts of the Foundation Course and there can be no exceptions,
  • 3. Any students who have conditions that may be aggravated by any Acupuncture or Dry Needling procedures should not participate in the course. Any student who may be pregnant, or is actively trying to become pregnant must not participate in the course,
  • 4. All students must have the facility to practise needling freely in their place of work between the course parts and following the course,
  • 5. All students must have a Private Practice protocols in situ for active use of Dry Needling within their practice,
  • 6. All students must have appropriate professional indemnity insurance for the use of Dry Needling within their scope of practice. If you don't have such insurance please contact Balens http://www.balens.co.uk/
  • 7. All deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to other courses or lectures
  • 8. Details of the venue, starting times and a copy of the programme will be sent to you with confirmation of your booking.
  • 9. In the unlikely case that CPDA has to cancel a course or lecture, all deposits will be refunded in full.
    CPDO is not financially responsible for any of the participant's expenses associated with the booking (e.g. travel, accommodation, work days lost, etc).
  • 10. The course organisers reserve the right to change the course contents, substitute leaders and timetables without advance notice.
  • 11. The organisers hold no responsibility for the contents and clinical application of the material taught on the courses.
  • 12. Certificate of attendance and a receipt will be issued at the end of the course.
  • 13. Due to privacy issues photography and video recording is not allowed during the workshops.

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