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Matt Ashman
This interactive 1 day course is aimed at practitioners looking to upskill in their prescription of rehabilitation for active patients and sports people. The aim is to expose practitioners to an approach to rehabilitation geared around sports and end stage rehab, which is not part of the traditional training of Manual therapists.
The course will draw on the current evidence base, a series of case studies from the elite sports world, and on expert opinion, in order to provide the practitioner with a framework to optimise the outcome of rehabilitation. The session will bring together the fields of rehabilitation and strength & conditioning, to equip the practitioner with the knowledge necessary to prescribe and monitor rehab appropriately. The 'decision modifiers' in rehab will be described in detail and used as a concept to determine prescription.
The principle of competency based rehab/Return to Play will be a common thread throughout the day and will be explored through a series of elite sports case studies including a mixture of Upper limb, spinal and Lower limb dysfunctions/pathologies.
Date: 6 May 2017

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CPD hours: 7 • cost: £125
Matt Ashman has extensive experience in the field of Sports Physiotherapy and has worked for the English Institute of Sport for the last decade. He is currently Lead Physiotherapist and Head of Sports Science & Sports Medicine for the GB Badminton programme. In addition to this Matt is a Clinical Teaching Fellow at University College London on the MSc Sports Medicine Exercise and Health. Matt has worked across multiple sports and has been to several Olympic and Commonwealth games as a Physiotherapist. Areas of special interest include lower limb tendinopathy, rehab prescription and MSK assessment.

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