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Jean-Pierre Barral
In this workshop Jean-Pierre Barral will introduce his new osteo-articular approach which integrates the structural elements of joints: their muscles, connective tissue elements and blood and nerve supply. The workshop will also explore the relationship between the skeletal complex, the visceral system and emotional connections. In the practical session the participants will learn new manual approaches and clinical management to facilitate integration within these body systems.

This workshop will focus on the lower extremity
This course in open only to participant who had a basic training in visceral osteopathy

Dates: 22-23-24 Feb 17

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CPD hours: 20 • cost: £680 • deposit: £375
Please pay the remaining £305 by 22 January 2017.
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Jean-Pierre Barral is well known internationally for his extensive contribution to osteopathy in the area of visceral osteopathy. He has written several books in this and related areas and has developed many of the techniques used by osteopaths worldwide. The two workshops run by Jean-Pierre are a rare opportunity to train under his guidance.