Jean-Pierre Barral
A new advance course from Jean-Pierre Barral exploring the use of newly developed visceral techniques to specifically stimulate the visceral hormonal-neuroendocrine system. Jean-Pierre will teach his unique approach that stimulates mechanoreceptors with immediate responses from the different organs. These responses influence visceral mobility and motility resulting in neuroendocrine and hormonal effects. This workshop will predominantly focus on pelvic-abdominal and thoracic organs.

Dates: 5-6-7 Dec 2018


CPD hours: 20 • cost: £695 • deposit: £395
Please pay the remaining £300 by 1 November 2018.

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Jean-Pierre Barral is well known internationally for his extensive contribution to osteopathy in the area of visceral osteopathy. He has written several books in this and related areas and has developed many of the techniques used by osteopaths worldwide. The two workshops run by Jean-Pierre are a rare opportunity to train under his guidance.