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Prof Adam Cunliffe

Baffled by contradicting advice on nutrition. In these unique nutrition workshops Prof Adam Cunliffe will explore the current nutrition sciences. The aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of clinical nutrition and how to use this important therapeutic tool within manual and physical therapy practice.

Nutrition in practice: Low tech nutritional assessment of patients Clinical nutritional assessment of patients made easy. Inc. Anthropometry, Subjective Global Assessments, Facial/Oral deficiency signs, Simple methods of Dietary Assessment.

Nutrition in practice: Crash course in evidence based nutritional supplementation Nutritional supplements: Which ones really work: Safety Considerations when prescribing. Food v Supplements. Nutraceuticals v Pharmaceuticals. Top 5 nutrition supplements

Date: 4 Feb 2017

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CPD hours: 7 • cost: £125
Nutrition and human performance: Ergogenic aids that actually work. From sports performance to clinical improvement. Nutrition to enhance performance at all levels. Inc. protocols to enhance muscle hypertrophy, endurance, intense training schedules, pre and during event strategies and recovery from exercise, hydration and fluid balance. Natural aphrodisiacs

Nutrition and recovery from musculoskeletal injury: Nutritional approaches to systemic and local inflammation Nutritional support for recovery from injuries, surgery and trauma. Nutritional management of local and systemic inflammation. How to avoid Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Date: 3 June 2017

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CPD hours: 7 • cost: £125
Nutritional management of age related declines in musculoskeletal health: Cutting edge strategies to reduce age related declines in muscle mass and function. Reversing age-related sarcopenia. Tackling osteoporosis and reduced bone density.

Holding back the years. Diet and exercise strategies to increase health-span (The latest on nutritional approaches to anti-ageing. How to live to be 100+. Special considerations for nutritional status of patients aged 65-120 years of age. Delaying cellular senescence through diet and supplementation

Date: 18 Nov 2017

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CPD hours: 7 • cost: £125
Prof. Adam Cunliffe is one of the UKs leading nutritionists. Currently Associate Professor in Human Nutrition at London South Bank University, Adam has expertise in multiple aspects of clinical nutrition including, long term health conditions, human performance, fatigue states, tissue repair and systemic inflammation. His teaching, research and consultancy career spans 25 years and encompasses doctoral studies in clinical nutrition at the Royal London Hospital through to personal consultancy, product development and commentary in national and international media. Adam has taught at several major London Universities and is has multiple peer reviewed publications in key nutrition books and journals.