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Dr. Eyal Lederman
A practical workshop exploring the theory and management of common shoulder conditions seen in clinic.
In particular, the workshop will focus on frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome and post-operative management of the shoulder.
There will be discussion of the aetiology and the pathophysiological mechanisms associated with these conditions and a review of current research findings. Many of the shoulder conditions seen in clinic are associated with complex processes that are not related to postural, structural or biomechanical predisposing factors.
For this reason a process approach will be used as a model for management. In a process approach the focus is on the tissue, neurological and psychological processes that underlie the patient's condition. The management aims to match the most suitable interventions according to these processes rather than aiming to correct structural imbalances or anomalies.
A process approach can reduce the duration of treatment/recovery of many shoulder conditions from many months to several weeks. In the workshop participants will learn how to develop specific treatment strategies and how to match the most suitable manual techniques and exercise to the patient's condition. The practical session will include a demonstration and practice of specific manual techniques and exercise.

Learning outcome:
  • Understanding repair and adaptation processes in relation to the shoulder and related structures
  • Understanding the neuromuscular cost of injury, changes in motor control and motor recovery
  • Understanding the psychological processes associated with injury, pain and how they impede or facilitate recovery
  • Understanding how different techniques/exercise can be used to target repair, adaptation and motor control recovery
  • Developing a simplified method for diagnosis
  • Understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying frozen shoulder and impingement syndrome
  • Developing clinical management for common shoulder conditions such as: frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, the post operative shoulder and more.

Date: 17 June 2017

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CPD hours: 7 • cost: £125
Dr. Eyal Lederman has been practising osteopathy for over two decades. He completed his PhD in physiotherapy at King's College, where he researched the neurophysiology of manual therapy. He also researched and developed Harmonic Technique. He is involved in research examining the physiological effects of manual therapy and the development of Neuromuscular Re-abilitation. Prof. Lederman has been teaching manual therapy and the scientific basis of manual therapy in different schools in the UK and abroad. He has published articles in the area of manual therapy and is the author of the books "Harmonic Technique", "The Science and Practice of Manual Therapy" and "Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapies".