Dr. Eyal Lederman

Date: 28 Sept 2019 • 9:30 - 11:00 h


CPD hours: 1.5  •  cost: £30 •   STUDENT FEE: £10.00 • USE DISCOUNT CODE "student"
In the last two decades core stability training has dominated exercise and movement rehabilitation practices. Despite its popularity, core stability has failed to deliver the benefits that were attributed to it. In this lecture Eyal will discuss the problems with core stability principles and why this approach was doomed to fail as a therapeutic tool and a method for improving human performance. He will present an alternative, science-based approach to enhancing movement rehabilitation and performance.


Dr. Eyal Lederman

Date: 28 Sept 2019 •  11:30 - 13:00 h


CPD hours: 1.5  •  cost: £30 •    STUDENT FEE: £10.00 • USE DISCOUNT CODE "student"
Proprioception is an area in physical therapies and training where facts are mixed with therapeutic myths to the detriment of effective management. This lecture will aim to untangle this mix and provide the participants with a better understanding of how to work more effectively with proprioception. It will explore the role of proprioception in human movement, how this system is affected and recovers in musculoskeletal and pain conditions and how this recovery can be enhanced in rehabilitation.



CPD hours: 3  •  cost: £50 •    STUDENT FEE: £20.00 • USE DISCOUNT CODE "student"

Dr. Eyal Lederman has been practising osteopathy for over two decades. He completed his PhD in physiotherapy at King's College, where he researched the neurophysiology of manual therapy. He also researched and developed Harmonic Technique. He is involved in research examining the physiological effects of manual therapy and the development of Neuromuscular Re-abilitation. Prof. Lederman has been teaching manual therapy and the scientific basis of manual therapy in different schools in the UK and abroad. He has published articles in the area of manual therapy and is the author of the books "Harmonic Technique", "Fundamentals of Manual Therapy", "The Science and Practice of Manual Therapy", "Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapy" and "Therapeutic Stretching: Towards a Functional Approach".

The course will provide for OSTEOPATHIC PRACTICE STANDARDS CPD requirements in the following areas:

1.5 hours Learning with Others

OPS CPD RequirementsLearning include
Communication and patient partnershipListening, respecting patient's concerns and preferences, dignity and modesty, effective communication, providing information, consent, patient partnership.
Knowledge, skills and performance Having sufficient knowledge and skills, working within training and competence, keeping up to date, analysing and reflecting on information to enhance patient care.
Safety and quality in practicePatient evaluation, management, safeguarding, wider role in enhancing patients' health and wellbeing.