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Georgie Oldfield
There is more and more evidence challenging the beliefs that structural and biomechanical 'problems' are the cause of chronic musculoskeletal conditions, as is explained so clearly in Eyal Lederman's papers. Thankfully word is spreading and there is more emphasis on the biopsychosocial aspects of a patient's condition these days, yet the focus of treatment is still on 'management'.
This is because of the still widespread belief that the pain must be due to a physical cause, even though more often than not the onset and symptoms do not match the given diagnosis.

The pain science surrounding chronic pain these days much more clearly demonstrates what is going on in the brain with someone who has chronic pain and that the active areas are focused in the limbic/emotional part of the brain.
fMRI studies also demonstrate how anxiety, anticipation of pain, rumination and fear causes an exacerbation of pain, while another study demonstrates that the repressed emotions attached to stressful memories can trigger a physical response.

The SIRPA approach is based on the understanding that repressed and avoided emotions manifest as physical symptoms as part of a maladapted protective response.
This course will explain the neurophysiology behind this, explaining how pain becomes triggered and can become conditioned, as well as an overview of SIRPA's educational and self-empowering approach which is helping people recover from chronic pain, no matter how severe or longterm.

Date: 30 Sept 2017

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CPD hours: 7 • cost: £125
Georgie Oldfield MCSP is a leading physiotherapist and chronic pain specialist, promoting a pioneering approach to resolving chronic pain through her SIRPA Recovery Programme. Georgie is the founder of SIRPATM, an organisation dedicated to promoting the concept that chronic pain is often due to learned nerve pathways, rather than any physical 'abnormality' found, hence full recovery is possible. As well as her clinical work, Georgie gives talks and writes widely about the concept and in 2014 published her first book, 'Chronic Pain: your key to recovery'. Through SIRPATM Georgie also developed the first course worldwide which teaches health professionals how to integrate this approach and the concept on which it is based within their own work. In April 2015 at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, Georgie also organised and hosted the first conference in this field outside the United States.