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Dr. Adam Cunliffe

New Date: 11 Feb 2021  •  19:00 - 21:00 UK time (7 - 9 pm GMT)


CPD hours: 2  •  cost: £45  
Practitioners can quickly ascertain from patients their overall dietary preferences. The huge increase in individuals following vegan, paleo and other prescriptive diets has been accompanied by some well documented health outcomes and challenges. This session will equip physical and manual therapists with the key facts regarding the benefits and potential pitfalls of specific popular diets. With a special focus on vegan diets and how to ensure they remain healthy.

Dr Adam Cunliffe has been researching and teaching in the field of nutrition and health for over 25 years. With a PhD in Clinical Nutrition from St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospital Adam has designed and run Nutrition Degrees, Nutrition Masters programmes and PhDs in major London Universities. He has over 50 peer reviewed scientific publications across multiple aspects of nutrition and health. Alongside academia, Adam has shared expert opinion on BBC, Channel 4 and multiple national and international print and online media including Men’s Health, The Daily Mail and Daily Express (UK) and CNN, Time and GOOP for US and international audiences. Combining the latest science in the field of Human Nutrition with his long experience working with patients, Adam specializes in communicating accessible nutritional approaches to optimising health, wellbeing and performance.
The course will provide for OSTEOPATHIC PRACTICE STANDARDS CPD requirements in the following areas:

2 hours Learning with Others

OPS CPD RequirementsLearning include
Communication and patient partnershipListening, respecting patient's concerns and preferences, dignity and modesty, effective communication, providing information, consent, patient partnership.
Knowledge, skills and performance Having sufficient knowledge and skills, working within training and competence, keeping up to date, analysing and reflecting on information to enhance patient care.
Safety and quality in practicePatient evaluation, management, safeguarding, wider role in enhancing patients' health and wellbeing.